Hollywood Heroes





My generation grew up watching, being entertained by and laughing with so many of these fine people.
Never really knowing what they contributed to the war effort.
Like millions of Americans during WWI  &  WWII, there  was a job that needed doing and they didn't question it,
just went and did it. Those  that came home returned to their now new normal life and carried on
and very few  ever saying what they did or saw.
They took it as their "responsibility" and their  "duty" to the Country to protect and preserve our freedoms.
American way of life not  just for themselves, but for all future generations to come.
As a member of that “Finest" generation, I'm forever humbly in their debt. 


Here are only a few of these silent heroic Heroes that are slowly being forgotten


Do You Remember These Men?

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Barry Corbin (born Leonard Barrie Corbin), is an American actor.
At 21, he joined the United States Marine Corps, served two years and then returned to college.
He was in the Marine Corp Reserve until 1962 as an assistant Browning Automatic Rifleman.




Forrest Tucker, US Army. Enlisted as a private, rose to  Lieutenant. Tucker joined the United States Army cavalry.
He was stationed at
Fort Myer in Arlington County, Virginia, but was discharged when his age became known.
He returned to work at the Old Gaiety after his 18th birthday.




Robert Montgomery, US Navy. Served 1941-46 when WWII broke out in Europe he enlisted in London for American
field service and drove an ambulances in France until Dunkirk evacuation. Upon American entrance into the war
he joined US Navy served hunting down U-Boats, he became a PT boat commanded and participated in the D-Day invasion.




George Kennedy, (served 1938-1954) US Army. Corps,  Enlisted after Pearl Harbor, stayed in sixteen years
he served in the US Army in Europe, fighting in the Battle of the Bulge.




Mickey Rooney, US  Army under Patton.
Drafted into the Army during World War II, he served nearly two years entertaining over two million
troops on stage and radio and was awarded a
Bronze Star for performing in combat zones.
Returning from the war in 1945.




Denver Pyle, US Navy. Denver Pyle, US Navy enlisted in the navy.
Wounded in the battle of Guadalcanal, he received a medical discharge in 1943.




Dolph Sweet served in WWII with the US Army Air Force. He was a navigator on B-24 Liberator bomber aircraft.
He was shot down over Romania while flying on Operation Tidal Wave and spent two years as a POW in Germany.
 He received the Distinguished Flying Cross and The Purple Heart.




DeForest Kelley,  During World War II, Kelley served as an enlisted man in the US Army Air Corps.
Between March 10, 1943, and January 28, 1946, assigned to the First Motion Picture Unit.




Robert Stack, (1942-45)  US  Navy. Gunnery Officer.
During World War II, Stack served as a gunnery instructor in the United States Navy.




Harold Eugene Wertz “Bouncy” was an actor who played in three Our Gang films, 
joined the U.S. Merchant Marine and served on the ship Mills Victory during the final year of World War II
and was one of the first US vessels into Tokyo after the armistice in 1945.




Neville Brand, US Army, Europe. Was awarded the  Silver Star and Purple Heart,
and was one of the most decorated actors from  WWll.




George Lindsey Joined US Air Force in 1952-1955 serving in Puerto Rico.











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